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Calculation example 2

Apartment building

General description

Tower blocks in 8 floors above ground with no basement.

The building houses the only housing.

The building is calculated as a zone.

Building technique

Concrete sandwich in exterior walls

Place cast slabs.

Apartment separation walls in concrete.

Partitions in apartments is gypsum board walls

Construction detail shown in drawings


Constant exhaust air flow 0.35 l/s m2.

Airing is simulated with a balanced ventilation 0,025 l/s m2.

Heating and cooling

The lowest room temperature is 22 °C.

Maximum room temperature can be set to 27 ° C to simulate window blinds, airing and other measures taken to reduce the room temperature.

As an alternative, you can add simulation of these measures under the Sun protection catalog.

The building contains a heating station with 2 NIBE F1330-20, each containing 2 compressors. One of the compressors is attached to produce domestic hot water.

Each compressor is working with 25% of the total heating system water flow when operation to heating systems.

Maximum temperature of the heat pump is 65 °C. Of hygiene reasons, the temperature of domestic hot water set to 70 °C. From 65 to 70 are heated with electric heating.

Minimum operating time is set to 10 minutes.

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