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VIP-Energy is a program for calculating building energy consumption. The program is promoted by Structural Design Software.

The information on this site is directed to the VIP-Energy users but can be useful even for others with an interest in construction and energy efficiency in buildings.

The program manual is limited to show the tools available in the VIP-Energy program. The purpose of this site is to go ahead and show how these tools can be used to translate information from drawings and descriptions into a model of computation and computational results.

Under the calculation examples menu, it will gradually fill up with examples from drawings to the finished calculations and, if possible, the measurement data from the follow-up projects.

When it comes to certain types of input is a question of the assessment. An example of this is the choice of the design data that is affected by the building's users. We present a discussion of the problem and a list of links to data sources.

In the q/a-list are the users ' support requests which can be of general interest.

There are a variety of programs out on the market with varying quality. As buildings become more energy efficient and even more complicated the demands on the calculation program is also increasing. The international validation systems for dynamic simulation programs available are useful tools check the software quality.