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Calculation examples

The manual distributed by the installation reports essentially tools for input handling, results output and calculation methods in VIP-Energy.

Here is a presentation of some examples of how to use these tools. Examples include drawings in PDF-format A3, descriptors, input files to the VIP Area and VIP-Energy and finished results printing. The files for each example are packaged in a ZIP file which can be downloaded freely for use.

The reality may be somewhat more complicated than the examples but they are designed to describe some problems more specific.

Currently there are three examples but they will be expanded as we see the needs.

Office building

Light facade with infill elements and associated thermal bridges VAV-ventilation Multi zone calculation with transfer of air between zones, Solar protection

Cooling machine

Multi residential building

Concrete sandwich and associated thermal bridges

Exhaust air ventilation

Heat pump central with sequence control of several compressors

Family houses

Exhaust air heat pump

Underfloor heating

Complicated underground thermal model